Why... i am a woman by Lisa Cain

VISION:  Why?  I Am a Woman is (5 I's)

 Inspiration, Innovation, Initiation, Inclusion, and Invitation of Women by Women, through Women, because of Women who

discovers, creates and puts her thoughts into action

INTACT women of the 21st-century

MISSION:  Why? I Am a Woman

is a Woman


Inspired Natural Teachable Altruistic Creative Truthful

while tangibly producing creative services/products based on Social Eco Entrepreneurism.


Through JOURNALING as a therapeutic methodology to bolster her innate talents! Skills discovered, ideas created then

services/products provided that are born out of her life's experiences that labor and produce herstories. 


In this century, as technology provides the viable tool to connect the world, women helping women

because it is needed, possible and doable, because …

I AM a woman.